Trigon Audio



Trigon Electronik GmbH was founded in 1996 when the two founders, Ralf Kolmsee and Rainer Reddemann, pursued their dream: to create durable, well-designed and relatively inexpensive products that are not built under the influence of short-term trends, but rather achieve their quality and value through continuous development and improvement.

At first glance, you can hear that Trigon's audio components have exceptional sound properties. And the simple elegance calms the eye, so that the ear can fully concentrate on the sound benefits. To achieve this, the designers use only selected, individually measured components of the highest quality in critical places due to sound quality. The high quality of workmanship makes each Trigon product unique. The result is audio components "Made in Germany" that meet the highest standards in every respect and at the same time do not remain an unattainable dream.

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