DUAL – 100 years of tradition

The origins of the company can be traced back to 1907, when brothers Christian and Joseph Steidinger started producing watches and parts for turntables. After ten years, Gebrüder Steidinger (Steidinger Bros.) adopted the name Dual and began producing power supplies that allow turntables to operate using the power grid.

Soon after, Dual began producing its own turntables. After World War II, Dual became the largest turntable manufacturer in Europe, employing more than 3,000 employees in several factories.

Today, after many vicissitudes, the Dual company is once again in German hands. As a turntable manufacturer, it is reborn and offers completely new products. Their task is to rebuild the company's reputation and create conditions for further development.

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CS 529

Automatic Gramophone

CS 329

Automatic Gramophone

CS 429

Automatic Gramophone

CS 618Q

Manual Turntable

CS 518

Manual Turntable

CS 418

Manual Turntable

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