PMC Prodigy 1 & Prodigy 5

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PMC (Professional Monitor Company) is introducing a new product line called Prodigy, which brings the world of recording studios and home HiFi together, proving that perfectly designed loudspeakers can be used throughout the audio chain. PMC's designs can be used at every stage of music creation, from composers' rooms to recording studios to homes, while preserving the essence of sound and the full truth of the original and delivering it directly to the listener.


The Prodigy is a very good example of what PMC thinks about building and using loudspeakers. The models included in the series are designed and built in the UK. It consists of two models: a compact, stand-mounted one called Prodigy1 and a floor-standing one called Prodigy5. Both provide stunning clarity and depth of bass, the capabilities of which, thanks to our ATL technology, go beyond their size. The Prodigy series loudspeakers are tonally very balanced, very easy to drive and will match any high-end electronics.


It's easy to see and hear that the speaker is closely related to our Compact Near Field Monitors (NFMs), which are currently the reference in recording and broadcast studios around the world. The Prodigy1 is capable of extremely faithful reproduction of details that put you in touch with the original performance - no matter the size of the orchestration.

Sweet, open treble and natural midrange provide vivid vocals and colorful reproduction of instrument sounds. The wide, precise soundstage and agile, coherent presentation are features that draw you into the musical performance and put a smile on the listener's face. And although the speaker is small, it incorporates a full-size advanced transmission line (effectively 1.91m) and our Laminair technology (a form of transmission line outlet) that delivers deep, fast and powerful bass without airflow-induced distortion.

The smooth, silky black finish matches any room, and with optional roomy grilles, the Prodigy1 visually coordinates with any electronics, from the humble Hi-Fi amplifier to high-end, high-powered extended systems.

The prodigy1 speaker offers dynamic sound with exceptional clarity while taking up minimal space. It can be used on stands or directly on furniture. Good-quality, heavyweight stands are the solution for optimal sound quality, as they ensure that the tweeters are positioned at listener's ear height, plus offer better stability and good isolation from the floor.


It's a phenomenally proportioned, slim loudspeaker, full of verve and fun, combining sweet, open highs with wide dispersion to deliver expansive listening with an extremely wide "sweet-spot," while drawing playing instruments with excellent focus. The Prodigy5, also provides clear, natural sounding vocals and a solid and deep bottom end unblemished by coloration.

With an extended advanced transmission line with dual Laminair outlets for freer airflow, the Prodigy5 fully lives up to its name. Incredible bass power combined with its tight and complete control provides an extraordinarily dynamic and exciting presentation. It shows the true power and weight of the music, almost regardless of where the speakers are placed in the room.

The Prodigy5 speaker column is designed to fully reveal the quality of your favorite electronics and bring out all their hidden capabilities. The slim speaker columns easily blend into any space without taking up too much space, but offering sound worthy of much larger multi-speaker designs. An optional spatial grille is available for those who want their speaker columns to be even more discreet.

For more information and a photo of the products, visit the PMC website

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