ORTOFON – "S" type arms from the REFERENCE series.

By Michal Czarnota Ortofon, Product presentation, Arms No comments on ORTOFON - "S" arms from the REFERENCE series.

ORTOFON - announces the introduction of two "S" arms in its REFERENCE series. The AS 212R 9" model will have a 9" effective length, and the AS 309R 12", 12" model.

Both are statically balanced, which simplifies needle pressure adjustment through a weight setting and an easy-to-set anti-skating option. What's more, they are built to provide Baerwald alignment, resulting in minimal tracking error. Both are height-adjustable so that they can be used with multiple turntables and are equipped with a universal connector which strongly facilitates the use of different headshell-mounted cartridges, while providing maximum flexibility and compatibility with existing audio system configurations. The arms are equipped with a DIN connector and will be sold with an Ortofon 6NX-TSW-1010 cable. They are dedicated to Ortofon SPU series cartridges, but of course can work with other models as well.
For more information and a photo gallery, visit the ORTOFON website
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