Fyne Audio – F702SP and F703SP with technology from the top "F1" series

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Fyne Audio introduces new models of floorstanding loudspeakers opening its latest lineup F700SP (Special Production), which incorporate technical solutions and technologies present in the top-of-the-line F1. The two models F702SP i F703SP premiered at the just-concluded The Bristol Show 2024.


Using exclusive varieties of transducers IsoFlare™ (point source) and an extensive port system BassTrax™Tractrix, which have been used previously in the exclusive F1-8S and F1-10S models, FyneAudio offers loudspeakers capable of producing Hi-End quality sound from enclosures of a more traditional form factor.


A powerful, massive aluminum plinth giving exemplary support to the enlarged (compared to standard versions) cabinets, and modification and refinement of the crossover, resulted in deeper and more precise reproduction of the lowest frequencies. Bass from the dual-chamber enclosure radiates downward where it crashes into the Tractrix cone and thus spreads evenly across the room, allowing greater freedom in positioning the speakers.

The crossover, which divides the sound into bands intended for individual drivers (2.5-way), is handmade and subjected to deep cryogenic treatment (DCT) in a chamber owned by Fyne Audio in Glasgow. The technology involves slowly cooling the finished product in the presence of liquid nitrogen to below -153° and leaving it in the chamber until it reaches room temperature. This results in improved uniformity of connections, reduced internal tensions and increased density of crossover component materials. The result - every nuance of the sound is perfectly audible.

The internal wiring is made of PC-OCC cables from Neotech, the crossover uses ClarityCap capacitors, and the signal to the speakers is delivered via WBT Nextgen 0703 links. Grounding is also available.

Fyne Audio sales director Max Maud said: "We have never hesitated to create exceptional-looking loudspeakers, as can be seen with our flagship F1 series, whose aesthetics are sure to polarize opinions. Our customers asked us for a premium Fyne loudspeaker that would use the best of our technologies encased in more contemporary enclosures - such as the F700 series. We decided to have our head of design, Dr. Paul Mills, combine the technical solutions and technology contained in the F1 with the F700 series floorstanding enclosures. The result is loudspeakers that combine the superior reproduction quality known from the F1-8S and F1-10S models with a more traditional, but still stunning appearance."

In the model F702SP uses a point source, 20cm IsoFlare™ driver with a 1-inch magnesium dome tweeter and a neodymium magnet system and FyneFlut™ upper suspension. The broadband driver is supported by an 8-inch woofer with a multifiber cellulose cone and FyneFlut™ suspension.

However, in the model F703SP uses a point source, 25cm IsoFlare™ driver with FyneFlut™ suspension, 3-inch titanium dome tweeter and neodymium magnet system. In the woofer range, it is supported by a 10-inch driver with a multifiber cellulose cone and FyneFlut™ suspension.

For more information and a photo gallery, visit the FYNE AUDIO website

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