Vanguard II Black/Silver

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TRIGON Vanguard II – Phono stage for MM and MC systems. Externally accessible dip-switches allow perfect matching of gain, impedance and capacitance to suit a wide range of phono cartridges. Its external power supply allows to install the Vanguard II phono stage near the turntable, maintaining a short and direct signal path while minimizing interference.

- Affordable high value – excellent sound and outstanding built quality!

Amplification: 42 - 66 dB adjustable in 16 stages
Input Impedance: 25Ohm to 1800Ohm in 31 stages, 47kOhm (MM)
Input Capacity: 60 - 100 pF basic capacity / 47pF, 100pF, 147pF
Inputs: 1x Cinch
Outputs: 1x Cinch
Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz +-0,2 dB RIAA
Distortion: < 0,06%
Crosstalk: < -96dbA
Warranty: 3 years
Dimensions: 133mm X 55mm X 182mm (BxHxT)