Trinity Silver/Black

Streamer i Odtwarzacz CD
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Trinity - the highly earthly trinity of sound, technology and design. Trinity combines the control and playback of digital music sources and their amplification in one device - All In One without compromises. (You only need good speakers.)

CD playback, CD storage on external media (ripping), playback of music files from external storage media (hard disks, USB sticks, etc.) and streaming services (e. g. Tidal) and playback of digital radio stations (internet radio) - Trinity opens up the world of music for you.

A large colour display on the Trinity front panel provides an overview of the wide range of possibilities. Here - and on the smartphone or tablet that you can use to control Trinity remotely, among other things - you can find out what is being played, where it comes from and how to get there. Graphically guided, you can select your favourite music from a variety of sources, organize and control your digital music archive. Integrate Trinity into your network and access it.

Not enough possibilities yet? You want to connect a headphone, a phono preamplifier for your turntable, because 2 x 125 watt output power is not enough for you even more powerful amplifiers or active speakers or... Trinity has the right connection.

Where with so much functionality and beauty? In a reduced design that blends seamlessly into your living space in its clarity, value and variability. Silver and black anodised aluminium, textured lacquered or alternatively silver-grey or anthracite, nextel-coated steel in any combination and LED illumination of the front panel, whose colouring you can choose on the Trinity, leave nothing to be desired. If you do, ask us, because as a German manufacturer we make many things possible.

And the sound? It is inconceivable that we, as music lovers who develop such devices, should deviate from the path of musical virtues once embarked upon. Trinity turns music reproduction into an experience, authentic, with unrestrained dynamics and multi-layered sensitivity to the full range of music. Also for yours.

CD-Player | Vollverstärker | Streamer | High End Ripptingabspielbare Musikformate: wav, flac, cdda, aac, wma und viele andere | bis 192 kHz, 24 Bit Gapless-Playback | High End Fileserver | uPnP | Radiostreaming und andere Streamingdienste | automatische Updates | Steuerung über Webinterface und IR-FernbedienungÜbertragungsbereich 15 Hz – 22 kHz (-3 dB) Klirrfaktor < 0.02 % Übersprechdämpfung < 80 dB (1 kHz ) Geräuschspannungsabstand < 96 dBA Leistung 2 x 85 W / 125 W an 8 / 4 Ohm Eingänge 4 x SPDIF, 3 x LINE, 4 x USB, 1 x ETHERNET Ausgänge 1 x Lautsprecher, 1 x Kopfhörer, 1 x Preamp Bal-Out, 1 x Preamp Unbal-Out, 1 x Record Out, 1 x 10V Remote Sonstiges Farbdisplay Geräteausführung Front Aluminium silber, schwarz eloxiert oder hochglanz verchromtGeräteausführung Aluminium silber oder schwarz eloxiert Geräteausführung Deckel Aluminium silber oder schwarz gebürstet, Nextel silbergrau oder anthrazit Gerätefüße Trigon Suspension Absorberfüße Zubehör optional IR-Fernbedienung Director Netzkabel Trigon Volt 1,5 Meter (3 x 2,5 mm², geschirmt) Gewicht ca. 7 kg Abmessungen (B x H x T) 400 x 110 x 266 mm Garantiezeit 3 Jahre Änderungen vorbehalten