Monolog Silver/Black

Monofoniczny wzmacniacz audio
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The fully balanced Monolog Power Amplifiers are the worthy complement for all Trigon preamplifiers. These mono power amps are powerful enough to master any musical challenge and drive almost any loudspeaker. Owing to their outstanding power, bandwidth and speed they are capable of effortlessly reproducing the full musical spectrum with great detail and life-like dynamics. A balanced line output allows to daisy-chain several amplifiers for bi-amping applications. For added convenience the Monolog offers advanced trigger options.

Output Power: 650W / 400W at 4/8 Ohm
Inputs: 1x Cinch, 1x XLR
Input Impedance: 47kOhm (unbal), 22kOhm (bal)
Outputs: 1x Speaker, 1x XLR Line
Distortion: < 0,03%
Frequency Response: 0,5Hz - 250kHz (-3dB)
Noise Voltage: 120uV (A) unbal, 150uV (A) bal
Weight: 23,5 kg
Warranty: 3 years
Dimensions: 300mm X 180mm X 460mm (BxHxT)