Concorde MkII TWIN MIX

Wkładki gramofonowe

The MIX is a general-purpose model for scratch and back-cueing

• Provides great performance and durability. It has a good quality spherical stylus, a solid cantilever, and serves general purposes well.
• It offers both reasonable output, high sound quality and a good tracking ability for virtually any style of music.
• With transparent sound across the spectrum and excellent handling ability, the MIX represents one of the longest running values in DJ cartridges.

Excellent price-to-performance ratio.

Rodzaj ostrza: Sferyczne
Docisk: 3 g
Napięcie wyjściowe: 6
Zakres częstotliwości: 20 Hz - 20 kHz
Waga skrzynki: 18,5 g